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Million Dollar Genius: Rules for Prototyping | HeadBlade

Legendary prototyping engineer Richard Jarel describes the most important things an entrepreneur should consider during product development in this scene from "Too Hot to Handle."


HeadBlade | INVENTORS | PBS Digital Studios

Todd Greene built a brand around what he calls "Head Care," a combination of head shaving and skin care. His invention, the HeadBlade, makes head shaving easier for the millions of people who shave their heads. Here he tells the story of how he came up with the HeadBlade, and grew it from an idea to a successful business.


CNBC's Business Nation How I Made My Millions | HeadBlade

After his construction head shaving razor idea was rejected by the likes of Gillette and Schick, Todd Greene decided to make it himself. The story of one man who turned head shaving razor into a multi-million dollar enterprise.


HeadBlade ATX 101: How to use your HeadBlade ATX

Learn all the great features of HeadBlade's newest razor, the ATX. This "101" video demonstrates everything from head/body/face shaving to how to change the blade.


Visit page Who we are and read the interesting HeadBlade story and look at all previous models and the awards they have won so far.

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