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Headblade story

Tod GrinThe original HeadBlade was designed by Todd Greene in 1997 and definitely followed the axiom "necessity is the mother of all invention." He had been shaving his head almost daily since 1992 and, after years of shaving his head with a standard razor, created an ergonomic handle that was compatible with standard razor cartridges. An entrepreneur at heart, Todd took his original razor and created a company based on the design. Combined with the growing acceptance of head shaving and the active lifestyle, Todd bet that he could create a brand with head shavers as its core. He never expected the design world to take note of such a novel idea. Not that it was 'just a razor. Todd knew it was completely functional and well designed, but because it seemed so small in the big picture.

Major razor companies poured hundreds of millions of dollars into product development, design, and marketing yet here was this tiny little razor designed by one man, in one year, and it was winning national design awards. Why? Because it was so pure and functional and aesthetically pleasing. It wasn't watered down by fifty designers with fifty viewpoints who answer to ten bosses who have to listen to the bean counters and the marketing department and, well, the list goes on. The HeadBlade had a single function; to make headshaving easy and it was based on some very simple design principals:

  • The user had to be able to shave by feel (meaning the razor has to sit close to the head and the user be able to touch the head with fingers while shaving).
  • The razor needed two contact points to create a 'suspension' allowing the blade to automatically pivot.
  • The razor had to be compatible with current razors sold in most retailers (as many users have a blade preference).


– Introduction of HeadBlade
2000"Ten Best Designs of 2000" by Time Magazine. IDSA Silver Award for Design Excellence
2004 – Introduction of HeadSlick Shave Cream. Introduction of HeadBlade S4 Signature Series Razor
2005HeadBlade joins Permanent Collection ar Museum of Modern Art         
2006 – Introuction of HeadBlade Sport with Triple Blades
2009 – Introduction of HeadBlade S4 Shadow
2011 – Introduction of Modified HeadBlade Sport. Introduction of HeadBlade S4 Eclipse
2012 – Introduction of HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Razor
2013 – Introduction of HeadBlade S4 Shark. Men's Health 2013 Grooming Awaards Winner!
2016 – Introduction of HeadBlade MOTO

At HeadBlade, product design is paramount. And Todd's love of automobiles is apparent in many of the razors' design elements. In the decade following, with Todd's guidance, HeadBlade, Inc. has pioneered the head care market and expanded the company's product range to incorporate complete skin care. HeadBlade products can now be purchased in over 15,000 stores. In the next few years you will see some new and exciting designs come from HeadBlade. We hope you will continue to follow our journey and go along for the ride.

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